Unraveling the Secrets of Successful Leadership: Insights for Founders from a Behavioral Expert

Welcome back to another insightful episode of Fearless Founders! In this edition, CEO Coach Benoy reunites with his esteemed mentor, Kimberly Giles, to delve into the intricate dynamics of behavior and leadership. Joined by serial entrepreneur Ike, they unpack invaluable insights aimed at empowering founders to navigate challenges and emerge triumphant in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


Join CEO Coach Benoy, serial entrepreneur Ike, and renowned behavioral expert Kimberly Giles in this compelling episode as they decode the essence of successful leadership. Drawing from Kimberly’s extensive coaching experience spanning over two decades, this discussion offers practical wisdom and actionable strategies tailored for founders striving to excel in their leadership roles. Discover the key principles that underpin effective leadership and learn how to harness these insights to overcome obstacles and thrive in your entrepreneurial journey.


Kimberly Giles, president and founder of Clarity Point Coaching and 12 Shapes, brings a wealth of expertise to the table, having impacted countless individuals with her transformative coaching methodologies. As a prolific author, Kimberly’s insights resonate deeply with audiences seeking to unlock their full potential.


Understanding Other People to Make Relationships Work


Understanding human behavior is pivotal for fostering meaningful relationships, whether in personal or professional settings. For instance, consider a scenario where a team member consistently arrives late for meetings. Instead of jumping to conclusions or reacting with frustration, take a moment to empathize and understand the underlying reasons behind their behavior. Perhaps they’re struggling with time management or facing personal challenges that affect their punctuality. By demonstrating empathy and seeking to understand, you can build trust and strengthen the relationship, leading to more productive collaborations.


Effective communication is another crucial aspect of understanding human behavior in relationships. Take the example of a manager providing feedback to a team member. Instead of delivering criticism in a blunt manner, they can employ active listening and empathy to ensure the message is conveyed constructively. By acknowledging the individual’s perspective and framing feedback as an opportunity for growth, the manager can foster a supportive environment conducive to mutual understanding and improvement.


The Truth About Aggravation


Aggravation, a common emotion experienced in personal and professional settings, can significantly impact relationships and productivity if not managed effectively. Kimberly Giles shares a powerful strategy, known as the three-second rule, to help individuals navigate moments of aggravation and prevent impulsive reactions driven by negative emotions.


According to Kimberly, the three-second rule serves as a practical tool to slow down the brain’s normal reactions and regain control over one’s emotions. By simply counting to three before responding to a triggering situation, individuals can pause and assess whether their emotions stem from a place of happiness or fear. If the emotion is rooted in irritation, frustration, anger, or disappointment, it likely signifies a fear state, prompting the individual to reconsider their response.


This deliberate pause allows individuals to gain perspective and choose their actions consciously, rather than reacting impulsively. By taking a moment to assess their emotional state and its underlying causes, individuals can make informed decisions aligned with their values and goals.


The three-second rule echoes practices employed by elite professionals, such as Navy SEALs, who prioritize mindfulness and composure in high-pressure situations. By incorporating mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing, individuals can calm their minds and gain clarity amidst chaos. This enables them to respond thoughtfully and effectively, rather than succumbing to fear-driven reactions.


In essence, the three-second rule empowers individuals to interrupt the cycle of reactive behavior and cultivate emotional resilience. By practicing this simple yet profound strategy, CEOs, founders, and professionals can navigate challenges with grace and maintain a sense of control over their responses. As Kimberly Giles emphasizes, mastering the three-second rule is just the beginning of a transformative journey towards self-awareness and empowerment.


Men and Women as Leaders


In traditional paradigms, leadership traits were often stereotypically associated with gender norms. However, Kimberly Giles challenges these stereotypes, asserting that effective leadership transcends gender and is instead influenced by individual behavioral tendencies. For example, a leader’s effectiveness may be shaped by their communication style, decision-making approach, and emotional intelligence, rather than their gender.


The 12 Shapes Relationship System, pioneered by Kimberly Giles, offers revolutionary insights into human behavior and leadership dynamics. By understanding one’s dominant shape and corresponding behavioral tendencies, individuals can gain clarity on their strengths, weaknesses, and leadership potential. For instance, a leader with a dominant “Achiever” shape may excel in setting ambitious goals and driving results, while a “Connector” shape leader may thrive in building relationships and fostering collaboration.


By leveraging the insights provided by the 12 Shapes Relationship System, individuals can optimize their leadership approach, regardless of gender, and create thriving relationships within their teams and organizations.


Advice to First-Time Founders by Kimberly Giles


First-time founders often face a myriad of challenges as they navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. Kimberly Giles offers valuable advice tailored specifically to empower these individuals on their entrepreneurial journey.


One crucial aspect emphasized by Kimberly is the importance of valuing time. Founders must prioritize tasks and allocate resources efficiently to maximize productivity and achieve their goals. By adopting time management strategies and avoiding distractions, founders can optimize their workflow and drive progress in their ventures.


Cultivating meaningful relationships is another cornerstone of Kimberly’s advice to first-time founders. Building a strong support network of mentors, advisors, and collaborators can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, nurturing authentic connections with customers, employees, and stakeholders fosters trust and loyalty, laying the foundation for long-term success.


Achieving work-life balance is paramount for sustainable entrepreneurship, according to Kimberly. Founders must prioritize self-care and allocate time for personal pursuits outside of work to prevent burnout and maintain overall well-being. By establishing boundaries and setting aside dedicated time for leisure and relaxation, founders can recharge their energy and approach their work with renewed focus and creativity.


Finally, Kimberly advises first-time founders to adopt a strategic approach to work, emphasizing quality over quantity and efficiency over busyness. By identifying key priorities and focusing on high-impact tasks, founders can work smarter, not harder, to achieve their business objectives. Embracing innovation, delegation, and continuous learning are also essential for navigating the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape with agility and resilience.


To you, first-founder, as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, remember that effective leadership is not merely about authority but about understanding and influencing human behavior. Armed with the insights shared in this episode, founders can navigate challenges with confidence and lead their ventures to unprecedented success. Stay tuned for more empowering discussions on Fearless Founders, where we equip you with the tools and wisdom to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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